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Emergency Contact Details

To report any issues at your property please contact us.

In an out of hours emergency please call 07903 036736

Tenants requiring an EMERGENCY REPAIR outside of our opening hours may be eligible to organise it themselves, if they are unable to contact a member of the Gates Estates team, subject to the note below.


  • Tenants of properties managed by Gates Estates are reminded that the costs for any repairs they instruct will need to be approved by Gates Estates Property Management Department before a Landlord will assume responsibility to reimburse a tenant.
  • By instructing your own repairs prior to obtaining this consent you run the risk of not being reimbursed if the Landlord concludes the cost of the repairs are excessive or that the Landlord is not liable for them, under standard tenancy law, as per your tenancy agreement. Please consider whether a repair can wait until the Property Management Department next opens.

In the event of electrical failure, and where it is safe to do so, please check trip switches and fuses.

In the event of loss of heating, check the boiler / timer then refer to the manual and revisit the settings before calling us.

Should a leak occur, please try and isolate the water supply using the stopcock to prevent additional damage.